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Reid Vann Imports is an authorized dealer and installer shop for APR upgrades. APR is one of the ultimate engine control units. If you are thinking of upgrading your Audi 2.0 TFSI engine with Audi Valve lift or major engine or exhaust modification! APR’s ECU upgrade is available in octane-specific variations and is conveniently flashed to the vehicle’s factory ECU through the OBD-II port without any physical modification to the factory ECU. APR’s patented EMCS functionality puts the control of your engine’s operation at your fingertips and allows for additional features and options to be installed to your OEM ECU learn more at GOAPR.com



Autologic Performance Tunes are modifications to the manufactures vehicle computer data. These modifications are downloaded to the vehicles Engine Control Module (ECM) via the Autologic through the OBD-II diagnostic connector.

Benefits of Tuning:

  • Increased power     
  • Stronger torque
  • Smoother delivery of power
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Faster acceleration
  • Reduced number of gear changes
  • ECM is never removed or opened
  • Tune is undetectable / No warranty issues

Performance Tune upgrades are available exclusively through Autologic dealers. By selecting a qualified repair facilty, you’ve found an independent that can not only repair your vehicle, but can also offer performance upgrade capabilities not offered by dealers — Performance Tuning.

What does tuning involve? Performance Tuning unleashes the power already available within your vehicle (about 10-15% increase in horsepower/torque) through software/computer upgrades via the Autologic.
Before tuning any vehicle, it is first necessary to complete a diagnostic scan to ensure there are no issues which may affect the performance upgrade. Once complete, the relevant performance tuning software is simply uploaded to the vehicle through the Autologic tool via the OBD-II diagnostic port.

The re-tuning process involves the electronic removal and re-installation of a more refined and enhanced version of the vehicle’s computer programming. As ECU’s cannot communicate during the upgrade process, the fault memory is cleared and rechecked at the completion of the upgrade, before the newly tuned vehicle hits the road.

Why do the manufacturers limit the output of their engines? The standard manufacture tune is a compromise of hundreds of factors. Principally, the manufacturer must ensure a high degree of engine reliability across the worldwide market, taking into account factors such as:

  • Fuel Quality
  • Different servicing schedules
  • Different operating environments, such as altitude and terrain
  • Local legislation with regard to power output and emissions

During testing, manufacturers ‘tweak’ the tunes constantly to achieve individual results for individual tests, thus compromising the overall smoothness of the original tune. Autologic Performance Tunes are optimized for US driving conditions.

How will emissions be affected? All Autologic Performance Tunes are tested to ensure that they comply with US emission laws. Additionally, your vehicle is guaranteed against engine light illumination, emmisions or mechanical issues relating to the performance tuning process.

Is the tuning process reversible? Yes. In the unlikely event that you require the Autologic Performance Tune to be removed, the process can be reversed without any side effects.

Are there any physical changes to the vehicles? No, with the exception of the BMW Mini Cooper S. Most Autologic Tunes are ECM software downloads ONLY. We have two different tunes available. The first is software only, with no physical evidence that the vehicle has been altered in any way. The second, more aggressive tune, has been optimized for a smaller, supercharger pulley.